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Here’s what some of our Sikeston, MO customers are saying about us:

Got stuck in a pickle 5 hours from home with a bent control arm on the car, undriveable. The shop had me turned around the next morning (had to order part in) and good to drive home. Caleb, Carnell and the rest of the team did a great job at a great price and am very thankful for their help, seriously a huge help. Would of cost me hundreds to U-Haul home, if I was ever to get stuck in Sikeston again they’d be the first place I’d call, thanks so much!!!! High recommendation.

Samuel Rossi Carnell’s Collision Repair Specialists, Inc. Customer Review

5 Stars!

Sabrina Eftink Google Review

This family owned Auto body shop is #1 iny town, very friendly and they do great work..Everyone was hands on and my truck looks great

Charmaine Owens Google Review

David and his staff couldn't have done a better job! He got to my car quickly, handled everything with the insurance and even helped with a rental. They were professional and friendly. Thank guys!

Kathy Perkins Carnell’s Collision Repair Specialists, Inc. Customer Review

Excellent work on our car! David got us right in and he and his team did an amazing job. Looks brand new!

Tim V Google Review

Carnell is the ONLY individual that I truly trust with my vehicles I have taken several vehicles to him over the years and he has Never disappointed ..not to mention he is the most reasonable in town!!!!

Shone Carnell’s Collision Repair Specialists, Inc. Customer Review

I've never had better or even close too collision with a 'Moose Repair'!!!!!!!

Zoro Mostelle Google Review

Wonderful people. They did a wonderful job on my car. If you need your car repaired go to Carnells in Sikeston David will do you right.

Rebecca Stevens Google Review

Definitely the best auto body shop in southeast Missouri in my opinion. Great customer service and they do the job right. I would 100% recommend them.

Sameer Tahir Google Review

Carnell’s has taken care of my cars for over a decade. They have fixed everything from significant front end damage when I hit a deer to a cracked windshield. The entire team is respectful, helpful, and keeps me informed about my car. They always have a smile on their faces when you go in and that’s comforting when you are dropping off your car to have some kind of damage repaired. I highly recommend them for all your auto body repair and windshield replacement needs.

Jodi Glidewell Google Review

David and his team did an awesome job on my Prius! He took care of everything, from the insurance to the finish line. It looks great, inside AND out! Thanks, David! (A good, Christian man I would add!)

Stan Bandermann Carnell’s Collision Repair Specialists, Inc. Customer Review

5 Stars!

Julia Fernandez Google Review

5 Stars!

Craig Cooper Google Review

Carnell’s did excellent work for the best price possible

Molly Day Google Review

Carnell did an excellent job on my car. The insurance company wanted to total my perfectly good but older car and Mr. Carnell fought to get my car repaired and a rental. Highly recommend.

Laura S Google Review

Best place to take your car to if you've been in an accident

peter robinson Google Review

Does great work and very friendly

justin bolden Google Review

Carnell's Collision Repair did excellent work on my pickup truck. Friendly and professional!
I would recommend them to anyone!

Donna Rofkhar Google Review

Awesome experience didnt have to lift a finger they took care of everything and my car looked like a new car.. Definitely recommend Carnell's Collision Repair to do all your cars body work.. Very pleased..

terrie gunning Google Review

Very professional, helpful, bent over backward to help us. Back before Christmas, one of the University's newer buses was rear-ended causing damage to bumper, side panel, and handicap lift/door. This was the only bus the department had with a lift; it could not be taken out of service for long period of time. We contacted Dave, scheduled to have it repaired over our Christmas break and returned before Jan 2 for an 8:00 am run.

Dave came and got the vehicle, repaired it, and had it sitting back on our lot before Jan 2. Thank you very much. Great work.

Diane Glaus Google Review

Excellent work, friendly environment, very pleasant staff!

Check them out!

Dianna Johnson Google Review

I have a brand new Toyota Rav 4 and someone backed into it and left. Hit and run. I was very upset because it wasn’t 6 months old and the color was a Black Currant which I figured would be hard to match. They walked me through everything, told me what to do to get my rental through my insurance and made sure I was taken care of. They took my car in on Christmas Eve morning no less and within a week it was back on the road good as new. The paint job was beautiful and the color matched perfectly. Everyone was so nice and helpful and really put my mind at ease. Best place around to get your car repaired if you ever have a collision.

Tess Jen Google Review

5 Stars!

Greggory Allen Marcus Google Review

5 Stars!

Carl Davis Google Review

Our car was damaged when a big coyote ran into the front of our car. It looked pretty bad. David and his crew at Carnell's Collision fixed it and it looks like new again.

Linda Collier Google Review

Fantastic place to get your car repaired. The people are super friendly. Work is second to none

SCOTT SMITH Google Review

Carnell's did an amazing job on my KIA everyone was really and nice friendly

Cheryl Ozment Carnell’s Collision Repair Specialists, Inc. Customer Review

Wonderful repair job and wonderful customer service!

Krista Taylor Google Review

5 Stars!

Paul Luffy Google Review

5 Stars!

Rachel Phillips Google Review

What great job on my Cadillac SRX. Had deep scratches down the side and thought this was going to expensive. No major costs and beautiful job. Looks new again. This is the place to go. David and trained staff are extremely skilled. Thank you, guys

Ken Stallings Google Review

A deer hit my brand new car, I took it to Carnells they did great but had so many problems with getting parts

Ronda Bowles Google Review

People was down 2 earth like talking 2 family

Karen Bess Google Review

Great staff!! Great work!! Very dependable....

David Troutman Google Review

Great place for car repairs

tim buttry Google Review

5 Stars!

Mrs Pullen Google Review

5 Stars!

LaDonna's SHANDS Google Review

Did a professional job.

Donald Foster Google Review

Did excellent job repairing my car, they were very professional, had everything under control. Made a very stressful time so easy. Explained everything very clearly and told me when my car would be done and made sure it was.
Very friendly people.
Thank you David Carnell for great work.

Mary Cossey Google Review

Thank you, Michael, for doing such a fantastic job of cleaning and de-stinking my car! She looks and smells fabulous for a poor neglected 13 year old ride. You went above and beyond and I would recommend your detail shop to anyone whose car needs some TLC.

Veda Barnett Carnell’s Collision Repair Specialists, Inc. Customer Review

Carnell's has been phenomenal with top notch customer service; I highly recommend them to all whom are in need of auto repair!

Jessica Lynn Carnell’s Collision Repair Specialists, Inc. Customer Review

I needed my bumper repaired and after a little research and reading some reviews, I chose to have my insurance set up an appointment at Carnell's for my Honda Fit. I walked in and was greeted immediately and taken back to fill out the necessary paperwork. The young man that took care of my son and I was polite, good-spirited, and organized. We were in and out very quickly and I felt confident leaving my vehicle there. When I came to pick her up, they had cleaned and vacuumed the interior, buffed out many small scrapes and scratches on the exterior, washed the windows, pretty much detailed the whole dang car! It looked almost as brand new as a mom with kids can get her 5 year old car. Give them your business, you won't regret it!

Emily Stenger Google Review

Best shop around

Ron Leffler Google Review

These guys are the best. I always trust them with all of my auto body needs. The best customer service and there work is top notch. They even beat most everyone on price. From little to big jobs they have you covered.

Adam Lumley Google Review

These guys did an amazing job matching the red paint on my Ram RT!

Les Hall Carnell’s Collision Repair Specialists, Inc. Customer Review

You guys done an awesome job on my car and also got it done quickly. Thank you so much!!! Definitely recommend Carnell's

Amanda Simmons Carnell’s Collision Repair Specialists, Inc. Customer Review

I was very pleased with their work, i was reffered to them. Other people said they were high, but they are the best. David Carnell is so very nice and the restorationof the cars in his shopsay alot about him. Ty David

Ronda Bowles Carnell’s Collision Repair Specialists, Inc. Customer Review

They do an awesome job. Even had my truck detailed for me before we picked it up

Danny Vance Google Review

Carnell's did an excellent job repairing my hail damaged vehicle! It literally had hundreds of dents from a recent hail storm. The damage happened on a Saturday - I called Carnell's on Monday - by Thursday they had it in their shop, and I had my car back looking brand new a week later. Excellent customer service, and even better workmanship! Very satisfied customer!

Sandi Campbell Carnell’s Collision Repair Specialists, Inc. Customer Review

4 Stars!

John Lewis Google Review

Great people. I hit an alligator on bridge over Mississippi. I was stranded on my way to new job in Shaker Town. They fixed my car first thing in morning so I could get on the road again. They even picked me and my dogs up from the hotel. It gave me hope in the human race again! "On the road again . . . I can't wait to get on the road again. I just can't wait to get back on the road again!"

Dr Deb Google Review

These guys went above and beyond what I expected! I had my truck in to remove some letters on a door, which might sound simple, but a hard task to me turned into a nightmare when they pulled the truck around to do the job and the left tie rod snapped off and went through the driver side tire. Phillip and David at Carnells went out of their way to help me! David, the owner, helped to get the truck into the shop with a busted tire and no tie rod. Phillip had a body man tell him that there may be a recall on the tie rod, so he went out of his way and found out that dodge did have a recall and will get it all fixed free and clear! That is truly the best service I have ever received. I highly recommend any and all employees at Carnell's collision!

Jt Morton Facebook Review

They did an awesome job repainting my mirror. I was skeptical about them getting the paint to match up exactly right, but you can't tell any work has been done at all!! And they even buffed out a chip on the door for free!! I will definitely be referring any of my customers with body work issues to these guys!!

Lynda Hunt-Martin Facebook Review

Carnells did an AMAZING job on my car! There was extensive damage to the front, passenger side and they made it look brand new! They didn't make any messes on the inside while they had it and it was ready before the quoted date! I would trust them with any work you need done! You will not be disappointed.

Abbi Lindsey Facebook Review

If you want your vehicle fixed and fixed right, there is no other choice except Carnells! Thank you again looks better than new!

Aaron Gilliland Facebook Review

They did great work on our vehicle that had extensive hail damage. The insurance estimated 11 days to fix it, they did it in 5!

Kallie Van Zee Facebook Review

Had a small problem, got me in and out the same day AND the total price was 33% LESS than the estimate! Highly recommended!

Andrew Boldrey Facebook Review

Awesome local business in Sikeston. Best car/bike show in Sikeston every year!

Josh Thacker Facebook Review

Great job on the color match, and flawless work!

Jeff Martin Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Craig Templeton Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Kathryn Eilders Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Amanda Nichole Carnell Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Brenda Brewer Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Trace Allen White Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Ashlyn Anne Howell Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Lisa Banks Huffman Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Belinda Hise Facebook Review

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